Ming-Feng Ho

Picture of Ming-Feng in NZ


I am a PhD student in the department of Physics and Astronomy in UC Riverside (2018-), working with Simeon Bird on various machine learning related topics in astronomy and cosmology.

I am interested in intergalactic medium and numerical cosmology. I am also interested in using machine learning to model quasars emissions, the lights from supermassive black holes. I modified a Gaussian process based model (original author: Roman Garnett [Garnett(2017)]) to find damped Lyman alpha absorbers (DLAs) in the intergalactic medium with consideration of sub-DLAs and effective optical depth [code] [paper]. We also performed probabilistic inference on quasar redshifts using our Gaussian process based model [code][paper]. I am currently working on building emulators on a cosmological simulation- MP-Gadget.